Advertise your French property online with !

No registration needed. No password to remember. No need to fill inn a form or to download pictures. No complex features and options. We keep it simple !

Send us a mail where you describe your property and attach the best pictures you would like to show on your ad, then tell us which packages you want to subscribe to.

Prices for the first month : £29 on + £49 per package (optional).

You can choose up to 4 packages at the same time :
. UK package (rightmove + Green Acres + a few smaller websites) £49
. Scandinavian package (,, £49
. French package (leboncoin, SeLoger, Bienici,, + smaller websites) £49
. International package and metasites (trovit, donkiz,, Green Acres + "niche" websites) £49

For renewal options please take contact.

Why not getting all this for free ?

You can choose not to pay for these packages. Either by choosing a commission based fee (0,049% of the sales price instead of £49), or by giving our real estate agent in France a sales mandate. In this case, you won't have to pay either for anything he has to do to find a buyer. Please visit the "SELL" section for more information.