The choice of a real estate agent will decide on how long it takes to sell and at what price

We offer extensive marketing activities and an agent fee starting at 2,95%.

The choice of the real estate agent is crucial for achieving a triple goal: Sell fast and smooth at the highest acceptable price.

We cannot provide an online recipe of how to achieve this multiple goal, but the property experts ( who have done the job for 15 years in a "Scandinavian way" will be able to give you the right advices. They will among other services and tips, answer the following questions and suggest the best way to achieve these three goals :

Should you choose the real estate agent who gives you the highest valuation of your property ?
Should you hire several agents or a sole one ?
What is the agent really doing to sell your property ?
When should you sell, and to whom ?
What should you know about tax issues, and how does it affect the recommended sales price and the date of completion of the final deed ?
Is a "no cure no pay" agreement with the agent best even if the agent fee is very high ?
Do you really need home staging services ?
Are you aware of your rights and obligations ?... and of the buyer's strong rights ?

Our main real estate partner with roots in Scandinavia, Scandimmo, is at your disposal to assist you with the sales process itself, from the discovery of your property to the signature of the final deed.

25 juin 2019