Buying, selling and owning a French property is a lot trickier than notaries and real estate agents could let you think

If you like challenges, do it alone. If you like safety, get someone to help you !

Are you a buyer ?

Even though the land registration system is secure, the notaries are doing mistakes, the real estate agents are not always the buyer's best friend, and the seller is not always aware of his obligations.

Remember that different real estate agents can be hired to sell the same property, with a different price, and sometimes in direct competition with the seller himself !

When a bunch of 300 pages of documents is sent to you by the agent or the notary telling you "everything is there", you should be certain to understand the whole content. The devil is in the details...

Moreover, you need to know how to deal with questions related to the furniture, the purchase taxes, the local taxes for the purchase year, the work which has been done the past years, the confirmation of section, the condominium fees, the servitudes, the ownership structure, how to pay the lowest price possible, who is paying the agent, which conditions you should put in the contract, the time aspect, the financing etc. etc.

Ask a property expert here. The assistance you will get is free of charge if you have purchased through the expert or if you haven't found the dream property yet.

You are selling a property

Is it a really good idea to choose the real estate agent who gives you the highest valuation of your property ?
Should you hire several agents or a sole one ?
What is the agent really doing to sell your property ?
When should you sell, and to whom ?
Have you got good control about tax issues ?
Is a low agent fee where you have to cover marketing costs yourself better than a "no cure no pay" agreement ?
Do you really need home staging services ?
Are you aware of your rights and obligations ?
Are you aware of the buyer's rights ?

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Do you already own a property in France ?

The main issues our foreign owners are facing have to do with taxes, administration, renting out, renovation, inheritance planning and practical aspects.

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12 mai 2019